Why I started living more consciously?

Passionate French entrepeneur and Public Speaker, discover how the Zero Waste lifestyle changed my life.

Everything started from a challenge

AwarenessSeptember 2015

AwarenessSept 2015

Discovery of Bea Johnson and her annual jar of non-recyclable waste. If she can do it, why not me? That's how I decided to challenge myself and started to reduce my daily waste too.

May the challenge begin!October 2015

May the challenge begin!Oct 2015

First purchase: a bamboo toothbrush. I quickly realize that the products available to reduce my waste are very rare in Hong Kong, the country I was living in for 8 years.

NO!W No Waste's launchMay 2017

NO!W No Waste's launchMay 2017

I decided to combine my web-developer skills and my new passion for waste. A year and a half later, the first zero waste e-shop in Hong Kong is born. All the reusable and biodegradable products are now available in Asia.

First appearance in publicMay 2018

First appearance in publicMay 2018

One year later, we invite me to speak about the zero waste lifestyle to a public event. There follows panels and events of all kinds to promote this new lifestyle in Asia.

TriggerDecember 2018

TriggerDec 2018

I bitterly note, after several months of events, that these products are seen as a trend and push for over-consumption (which is therefore contrary to zero waste).

Launch of the zero waste talksMay 2019

Launch of the zero waste talksMay 2019

That's why I decided to stop the online store and focus on education. I therefore propose talks in companies in order to encourage as many employees as possible.

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