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Talk about zero waste & ecological transition

This positive & guilt-free talk has inspired more than 4000 persons in Asia & Europe.
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Simplify your life by reducing your waste

Zero waste, circular economy, sustainability, recycling, DIY products,
if one of this subject drives your interest, this talk is made for you!

You work in a CSR / HR / Communication / Events division and would like to encourage your employees switch to Zero Waste? This lifestyle drives personnaly your interest and you would like to share it with your colleagues? You are in a perfect place!

A positive and guilt-free talk

After living "almost" zero waste for 3 years, I have decided to introduce this movement to most of the people. Today, it's more than urgent to share the solutions we can implement in our daily life to reverse the trend!

Thanks to simple and concrete solutions, I will share my expertise through a positive and guilt-free talk that will raise awareness your employees to move into action. One of the main goal if to make sure everyone understand that recycling is not the solution and that we need to reduce our waste in the first place.

For the companies but not only!

Schools, NGOs, or public events (panel, round-table), the format can be adjust depending on your needs.

  • one hour talk including Q&A
    (can be adjust)

  • talk available in
    English and French

  • 10, 20, 100 people,
    more we are the better

  • 4,000+ reached audience,
    with more than 80 talks

  • ideal for companies, NGOs,
    schools, public events

  • talks done in 5 countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, China, France, Switzerland

In this zero waste talk, I will

  • Introduce the Zero Waste lifestyle
  • Teach the 5R rules (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot)
  • Explain how to become Zero Waste at home / at the office / when travelling
  • Help you to avoid compulsive purchases
  • Explain the common misconceptions
  • Share a few tips on how to get a bigger impact
Talk about Zero Waste at Louis Vuitton Paris - January 2020

Louis Vuitton

Talk about Zero Waste at La Banque Postale - Paris - November 2019

La Banque Postale

Talk about Zero Waste at LinkedIn - Singapore - September 2019


Talk about Zero Waste at BNP Paribas - Hong Kong - September 2019

BNP Paribas

Talk about Zero Waste at Adidas - Hong Kong - May 2019


Talk about Zero Waste at Indosuez - Suisse - January 2020


Talk about Zero Waste at Landmark Mandarin Oriental - Hong Kong - January .2018

Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Talk about Zero Waste at Carrefour - Hong Kong - October 2018


Talk about Zero Waste at UBS - Hong Kong - February 2019


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