Why I started living more consciously?

First, the challenge of reducing my waste. And then, a huge awareness of my carbon footprint. On this page, I explain to you my journey and why I aim for autonomy.

There is no such thing as away. When you throw something away, it must go somewhere.

A few years ago, I had an awareness. Some families managed to put their non-recyclable annual waste in a handy-size jar. Amazing. At this right moment, I decided to change my habits of consumption in order to generate as little waste as possible.

Reduce my daily-waste

Reduce our waste is far from enough regarding the situation. Indeed, later I understood the importance of my carbon footprint on our planet. Reducing only our physical waste would be like seeing only the top of the iceberg. Other factors have a bigger impact on our planet (the way we eat, how we manage our money, the way we travel). That\'s these factors that have radically changed many things in my life: my job, the country where I lived, my type of accommodation, finally the way I was living my life.

Limit my carbon footprint to one planet maximum

"Reducing your environmental impact" is like beating your kid a little less, it's useless.Nicolas Beretti

It’s not about perfection; It’s about making better choices.

Every day, I try to minimize my impact on our planet, because, without her, I could not live. Thanks to her, I can feed myself, and above all ... it is thanks to its oceans and forests that I can breathe. That's why I'm challenging myself every day to reduce my carbon footprint, with challenges just as surprising as each other: living without fridge, only eating food that I'm growing, or even living without money.

Today, I'm dreaming of self-sufficiency, resilience, degrowth. Crazy isn't it? Not at all... some people have already started this better word.

Become more self-sufficient (for food, water & electricty)

TedX, politics, advertising campaign, talks, I've tried different ways to communicate on climate change effect's and the solutions we have to reduce it's effects. Think about it, how did you j'ai essayé par différents moyens qui sont plus ou moins efficaces. Je reste persuadée qu'il faut communiquer sur l’urgence climatique et sur toutes ces solutions. Réfléchissez, how did this first click come to you? Eating less meat, stop buying disposable stuff and plastic, what were the triggers? A book, a documentary, a talk? The world needs examples to follow, the world needs inspiring people that show other ways of living are possible. Let's embody this inspiration, embody this change.

Goal: Encouraging people

The world is changed by your example not by your opinion Pablo Coelho

It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable Charles Darwin