Hi! I'm Fanny Moritz,

Public speaker
& Zero Waste advocate

My goal? Encourage most people to reduce their waste and carbon footprint through positive and guilt-free webinars & talks.

Discover the Slow Tiny Tour

For your company

The talk about zero waste

You are aware of the problems our world is facing and would like to suggest this talk in your company? You work in a CSR, HR, Communications or events division and want to encourage your colleagues to become more eco-conscious? Fanny Moritz’ talk is the perfect fit!

Fanny has done more than 80 talks in Asie and in Europe, to encourage more people.

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For you

The webinar about zero waste

You are a beginner and don't know where to start? You reduced your daily-waste already but you want to have a bigger impact? This webinar is perfect for you!

Discover the content of this webinar right here:

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For you

Slow Tiny Tourwith a tiny house

Currently building my own tiny house on wheels that I will use to promote low-waste lifestyle through a France tour where I will organize talks, workshops and visits of the tiny house.

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What's new

  • Imagine Tiny House
    & Slow Tiny Tour
    Discover why I decided to build my own tiny house and what I'm gonna do once it's finished

  • New video for BNP ParibasFanny is a Zero-Waste Advocate, who explains how you can join the zero waste lifestyle movement that is currently re-shaping Asia

  • "Wealthy"Read the feedback from Marine Schenfele who hired me to give a talk at Canal+

  • First TED talkFirst TEDx talk in Paris: How the challenge of reducing my daily waste has changed my life, and how it can change yours too.

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