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Zero Waste Is Sexy The advertising campaign to promote zero waste products

A friend photographer, some friends who are models, the same love for nature. How about an impactful and sexy advertising campaign? That's the idea we had during summer 2018. Our goal was to show an other version of the zero waste products I was selling on my platform. Draw attention. Breaking down prejudices. We wanted to make this movement and these products the new norm.


“With this campaign, I wanted to focus on creating a new image for the zero waste lifestyle. Because the sustainable products are often portrayed under a moralising tone reminding us of the imperative to reduce our wastes, they are not always appealing.

This unique campaign was thought of in order break out from this usual frame. Indeed, I want to show everyone that you can care for the planet while having fun and enjoying the summer. This is the reason why these pictures show the zero waste products in a positive atmosphere. They are going mark people’s minds with a charming and pleasant impression in order to attract more people who were previously not particularly involved in this waste reduction movement to start engaging in a zero waste lifestyle.”

Fanny Moritz


“I’ve accepted this project as sustainability and environmental protection is something that touches every living being and we are interconnected. It also seems to me that people who care about the environment are always portrayed as boring and annoying people, but it think it’s not true. I think that protecting the planet is cool and sexy and it’s time to change the way we see it.

It’s something that is close to my heart because travelling the world I got sick of seeing trash everywhere and I think it’s time to seriously change our habits. I feel empathy for other living beings and the way forward is the conscious way.”

Olivier Yoan, photographe

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The advertising campaign

Bamboo cup / Brand: Ecoffee cup
Ice pop mold
Bouteilles pliantes / Brand: Que Bottle
Gourde / Brand: Qwetch
Shampoing solide / Brand: Lamazuna
Sachets / Brand: Stasher



PhotographerOlivier Yoan

ProductionFanny Moritz

Models Chris Peterson
Kam-Wai Suen
Pascal Brito
Jeremy Louis
Anthony Brusq

LocationBig Wave Bay, Hong Kong